Are you interested in learning about Witchcraft and the modern Pagan Movement? Do you want to follow a path that gives you guidance while still allowing for your own spiritual freedom? Rambling Rose is a 12 lesson course to be done over the course of one year at minimum. It is for the beginner and those new to this path, but also serves as our prerequisite for Triskele Rose. It gives a sample of many of the different practices that fall under Witchcraft and Paganism. This course does not fall under the Druid or Wiccan belief systems, however we do believe that Wicca has played an important part of our history and we do incorporate some ideals and practices that we have found to be valid and work. We believe that the new pagan and witch must have good well rounded information on the many paths that fall under the Pagan umbrella in order to make an educated decision on their own spiritual path. We believe that this course does just that. This course gives the student a large sampling of exercises, and beliefs on these esoteric topics while providing a nurturing, non-threatening environment for each individual. Having formally studied, but also pulling much from our own study and experience, we understand the value of formal teachings, but HIGHLY encourages individual exploration and development. Please read the information below and let us know if you have any questions.

This course is for you if...

  • You enjoy a challenge

  • You enjoy formal course work

  • You are willing to learn new things and implement them into your practice

  • You are looking for a group to join and Circle with other witches.

  • You can commit 1-2 hours per week on your assignments.

  • You are looking to learn new things in a structured format or revisit them.

  • You are looking for transformation.

This course is not for you if...

  • You struggle with respecting authority

  • You are seeking something other than Witchcraft

  • Just looking for a group to circle with

  • You thrive on gossip and slander

  • You aren't interested in having a Teacher/Student relationship

We offer three different locations to study with us in person. At this time, Rambling Rose does not offer a long distance program.

  • Avondale, Arizona. 40 min West of Downtown Phoenix

  • Wilmington/Topsail Coastal North Carolina

  • South of Oregon City Oregon. 45 min from Salem and Portland

Rambling Rose Reading requirements

Rambling Rose Syllabus

To Request an Application please use the Form Below

The Avondale, AZ circle is currently accepting applications. The Portland/Oregon City, OR circle is currently accepting applications until November 15th, 2019. The Wilmington/Rocky Mount, NC circle is currently CLOSED and not accepting new students. Please check back on the website periodically to see when the North Carolina circle is accepting new students.

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Additional information-

Please read carefully as this information is very important. The course is to be done no less than 1 year and 1 day. The course costs $20 per lesson for a total of $240 over the course of a year. We offer a graduation and ritual at the completion of the course. The course does require a mix of self-study, video classes and recordings. Each lesson has a corresponding book to go with it, with one additional book to read during the course for a total 13 books. During the first year program we ask that you do not study any other esoteric tradition or system formally. This is simply so you can focus your studies on the Rambling Rose work. When all rituals, books and course work has been completed, one may apply for graduation. After graduation, the student will be a permanent member of the local circle (unless they wish otherwise) and will stay at their level or may be invited onto the Path of Initiation to expand their studies. After graduation if you wish to explore other programs while maintaining your status as a permanent member, then we will help you find a program that is reputable, affordable and will help you along your journey. If you have specific questions about this please ask Annwyn.

Rambling Rose has a required ritual dress code. Certain items are not to be obtained before you reach certain lessons and are explained below.

  • Ritual wear – All students attending rituals should wear comfortable clothing (as there may be sitting, laying or dancing at times) and should be all black.

  • Ritual Jewelry- Ritual Jewelry will consist of 2 ancestor bead necklaces. Specifications and details about the are found in the lesson.

  • Black Rose Wand The main tool used for focusing and directing raised power in Rambling Rose-style circles is the Black Rose Wand. This is a wand made with a Rose Cane and stained black. Details of which will be in your lesson. Students will not need this item until they are on Lesson 2 or beyond and are discouraged from trying to purchase it ahead of time. Rambling Rose has specific requirements which are presented in Lesson 2

  • Ritual Cord- All students in on Lesson 2 or beyond are required to have their Black Cingulum (cord). Specifications and details about the cord are found in the lesson.

Contact information - Rambling Rose students must maintain a reliable contact telephone number, and email address at all times.
Studying other material - Rambling Rose students may not formally study another magical tradition during their first year course (and stay enrolled in our course) - You may attend other groups’ rites or rituals, but you may not sign up to study with them until you have graduated.
Leaving Rambling Rose training - A Rambling Rose student is free to leave the course at any time. Any fees for classes already taken are non-refundable. If a student needs to take some time off occasionally, that is okay, we ask for a formal letter detailing your reasons for a Leave of Absence so we can understand your need in the future.
Minimum number of rituals performed - Before your graduation, you must attend or document at least 4 Rambling Rose rituals according to the rituals that we include with the lesson materials.
Truth and Honor - Lies, dishonorable activity and general bad behavior such as slander and gossip will not be tolerated. There is no 2nd chance, if you do not trust enough to tell us the truth then this is not the place for you. Any of these acts are grounds for banishment from the training course.
***It is important to note that this is not a social group. We expect members to be on time (we do not operate on Pagan Standard Time) responsible, and respectful to the group. We are looking for mature balanced people that are looking for serious study. This doesn't mean that we don't have a good time. After each class or ritual we have a social potluck where you can fellowship with other Witches in the group.
Enrollment - Enrollment and acceptance into the course does not guarantee admission into Triskele Rose Witchcraft. Only those that show dedication, and hard work will be permitted to move into the inner circle. Once an application is accepted, potential students will be asked to attend the open ritual in September.  Most of Triskele Rose Witchcraft members will be attending, facilitating and mentoring Rambling Rose students and rituals. So you will still get MUCH face time with each member. We are doing our best to provide quality material for every level of student!

All of the training course materials issued under the name “Circle of the Rambling Rose” are copyright © 2011 by Annwyn Avalon They may not be reproduced, sold, distributed, or transmitted in any way without the prior written permission. Failure to respect this copyright will result in legal action. Also, the material you receive comprises your Book of Shadows for Rambling Rose. You may not share this material with friends, spouses, etc.

If you have read all of the above and would like to join us please fill out the application request form above.