“The ones who have gone before, who will come again, who in their folly taught the children of men, secrets once hidden they revealed, only to be betrayed and ridiculed. Now no one feels the warm glow of the Sidhe’s beauty as it flowed like molten gold as they walked among the children of men. No more will we walk among thee, withdrawn are our favors no more do we entrust our gifts, so were miss used to our disgust as you hacked each other and the sacred groves to ruin and dust. Now! Live in Barren halls thou must, empty of light, empty of trust. Shallow thou art, full bellies of greed fat on Gia’s pillage and destruction. Our animals all going extinct. So sad so sad. Brigid cries in frustration and despair. Too late too late.’ ~Alyce~


What is an Earth Healer?

Like those who maintained the sacred flames in honor of the Gods of Old, an Earth Healer is one who has taken on the loving task of preserving the Earth, honoring Gaia and feeding those in need. Like the mighty Flame tenders or Priestess from before, it means you are dedicated to a particular local land area to care for it magically and mundanely.

Why would someone become an Triskele Rose Earth Healer?

Much of Triskele Rose Witchcraft work involves healing both individually and in a group. Being an Earth healer for the group serves to connect us all no matter where we might be located. It carries the essence of our egregore and provides us with a way to connect with one another on a spiritual level.
Perhaps you are drawn to Earth as your primary element or maybe you work with the Fae from the scared spiral hills under the mounds, pixies, or other Earth based deities, and want to do more for the greater good of our planet.

Who can become an Earth Healer?

Any graduate or initiate of Rambling Rose may take vows as an Earth healer.

What is the Earth Healer's mission?

The mission of an Triskele Rose Earth Healer is to maintain the scared Earth of the Triskele Rose Witchcraft, to keep the land connected to our egregore and to provide support in maintaining sites of local and/or distant lands. Additionally the Earth Healers help feed those in need with nutritious food grown from Gaia’s green earth.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an Triskele Rose Earth and Woodland Healer?

The duties and responsibilities are;

·         Help to maintain the site of a local woods in your area by either physically monitoring it for refuse, illegal dumping ect, or contributing funds or time to assist distant and local Woodland causes.

·         To choose an environmental cause that is Earth based in nature. This could be like financially supporting a group that protects the Earth and its creatures, or actively participating in protests or online activism.

·         To send sanctified and blessed earth from your chosen sacred source to the other Triskele Rose Earth bearer's twice a year.

·         To use your blessed and sanctified earth in offerings to Deities, guides, spirits and magical workings.

·         To anoint yourself with Triskele Rose sacred oils often so as to connect to your fellow members of Triskele Rose Witchcraft and its egregore.

·         To use the sacred Earth in workings on behalf of members of the Triskele Rose Witchcraft or for group specific energy work.

·         To commit to a cause that is Earth based; this may be as in activism, healing rituals, roadside or riverbed cleanups, etc.

·         To maintain at least one garden bed to grow food for those in need.

·         To Perform at least 2 of the following on a monthly basis:

o   Earth based rituals, visits to your chosen sacred source, cleaning anything that needs to be cleaned, sending Reiki or other healing energy to the Trees and fauna, drawing sigils around the tree's roots, leaving offerings, going to devastated areas where it has been "clear cut" and sending healing Reiki or other healing energy to the remaining trees in the area to heal their sadness.

·         To report back activities of the Earth and Woodland healer back to Triskele Rose every 3 months so the website can be updated with your projects, activities and activism.

·         To take sacred vows through ritual dedicating to the Earth and the cause.