Triskele Rose Witchcraft is a system of magic which we consider Avalonian Witchcraft. Triskele Rose is an initiatory Mystery Tradition with an emphasis on Witchcraft, Folk Magic, Ceremonial Magic and Avalonian Mysteries. Triskele Rose consists of Initiated members which forms the inner court of Triskele Rose. It consists of those that have completed the Rambling Rose course, have dedicated to Triskele Rose and have successfully challenged and passed initiation. These comprise of our Priestess', leaders, and other talented members. If you are interested we encourage you to get to know us by taking one or more of our course offerings. If we find that you are a good fit and if space is available we will open the doors to applicants. This is to keep it intimate, and allows us to work deeply. Many of the members of Triskele Rose are active teachers in the community. We currently have 3 locations which run Rambling Rose and Triskele Rose style rituals.  If you are interested in the path of initiation through Triskele Rose we encourage you to begin seeking through Circle of the Rambling Rose.

Triskele Rose is predominantly run by Priestess Annwyn Avalon. She is an initiated Priestess and practitioner of Witchcraft, Student of the Avalon Mysteries, psychic/oracle, water witch, magical herbalist and Reiki Master. She has been a lifelong student of the Mysteries of Nature. At age 6 she has her first supernatural experience that she can remember. At 12 she started to have her first visions and precognitive dreams. When she turned 18 she received her first set of Tarot cards and was opened up to a whole world of Magic. She then traveled the world visiting places like Japan, Ecuador, and the UK. She became a professional Belly dancer, studying the folkloric traditions of the Middle east, and Turkey. After having a successful career, placing in dance competitions, and studying the esoteric and spiritual ways of dance, she took a break from the competitive dance scene to focus on spirituality. She found Witchcraft while in Japan and began to fiercely study. Later after returning to the states she formally studied with an initiatory tradition and was initiated into the craft and received her Reiki Master/Teacher attunements. She then began her studies under the Avalon Mystery School which still heavily influence her today. 

"What I try to do is narrow it down, make my students study, practice, and learn. Then they find what works and what doesn't. I give them my methods, but also push them to find their own. It is so important that each student study and learn in a formal setting, but also forge their own path. I don't believe there is "ONE" way. There are many ways and many paths. I am only a guide upon these paths, I don't create them." ~ Annwyn Avalon

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