Creative Sigil Coursre

The Creative Sigil Course is designed as a Sigil 101 course and will provide you with a good creative foundation on which to create your own sigils. This course is a great companion for any of the Rambling Rose lessons, yet it also can stand alone and still be beneficial to the magical practitioner. This course is designed for the beginner sigil creator and is meant to help one create and use powerful sigils to enhance their magic. This course is not designed as an advanced sigil course but there may be one in the future! In this course we will cover a variety of topics related to sigil magic. You will receive a lesson companion to complete your work, which will have video links and additional material. Homework is completely optional as this is not a certificate course. However that doesn’t mean this doesn’t have value, for the practitioner who applies themselves diligently they will reap the rewards of a good foundation to create sigils and symbols which will help bring about change in accordance with your will. The course has two purchase options, one is just the course material the second one is the course material with 1 mentorship session, additional mentorship sessions can be purchased on request.

Course overview and Sigils you will create

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1- How do we charge, empower and use sigils
  • Lesson 2- Personal Sigil- Signature (Word)
  • Lesson 3- Elemental Sigil (Pictorial)
  • Lesson 4- Healing (Theban Alphabet)
  • Lesson 5- Protection (Rune Alphabet)
  • Lesson 6- Power (Alphabet of your choice + Pictorial)
Sigil Course