Sky Sentinels

A free bird leaps

On the back of the wind

And floats downstream

Till the current ends

And dips is wing

In the orange sun rays

And dares to claim the sky

~Maya Angelou~

What is a Sky Sentinel?

Like those who maintained the sacred flames in honor of the Gods of Old, a Sky Sentinel stands as a guard and protector of the realm of Sky and the animals who dwell within this realm.  A Sky Sentinel can also be seen as a seeker of knowledge and a communicator of wisdom gained.  The Sky Sentinel is a priest/priestess of air meaning they are dedicated to it to care for it magically and mundanely.

Why would someone become a Triskele Rose Sky Sentinel?

Much of Triskele Rose’s work involves seeking knowledge both individually and as a group so the element of air and its tie to knowledge is at the core of becoming a Sky Sentinel. Being a Sky Sentinel for the group serves to connect us all no matter where we might be located. It carries the essence of our egregore and provides us with a way to connect with one another on a spiritual level. Perhaps you have a draw to air as your primary element. Perhaps you work with deities that are tied to the element of air or have animal guides who are winged and dwell in the realm of sky. Maybe you seek to advocate or protect creatures within this realm.  These are all traits of a Sky Sentinel.

Who can become a Sky Sentinel?

Any graduate or initiate of Rambling Rose may take the vows as a Sky Sentinel.

What is the Sky Sentinel mission?

The mission of a Sky Sentinel is to actively protect animals and advocate for issues concerning the realm of sky.  In keeping with the element of air, a Sky Sentinel will report new knowledge from their own research concerning our egregore and tradition.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Triskele Rose Sky sentinel?

To choose an environmental cause related to the realm of sky.  This could be financially supporting a group that protects the sky or its creatures, or actively participation in protests or online activism.

To maintain a bird feeder, nesting box, or bird house, bee hive, or bat house, etc.  and post activity at this site monthly.

To actively perform magic monthly for your chosen environmental cause or animal.

To read and research topics that support our egregore and post your thoughts and research to the group every three months.

To maintain a shrine or altar to air.  This altar could also honor air related deities if you work with one.