“Priestesses of Avalon, you are my water bearer priestesses, you must take my water from this well back to your communities and pour it into your rivers and earth. Take back the waters from the red and white wells to your homes and communities and pour it into the living rivers, sea and earth.”

~Georgia Conway and Susan Farley~

What is a water bearer?

  • Similar to those who maintain sacred flame’s in honor of various goddess and gods,  a water bearer is one who maintains sacred water to honor water deities such as Sulis, Morgan le Fae, Poseidon, etc., for ritual and magical purposes and helps maintain the land of sacred water sources.  Like the flame tender or a temple priestess the water bearer is a priest/priestess of the waters meaning they are dedicated to it, a particular body of water to care for it magically and possibly mundanely

 Why would someone become a  Triskele Rose Water Bearer?

  • Much of Triskele Rose’s work involves healing both individually and as a group so water is an intense part of our inner mysteries. Being a Water Bearer for the tradition serves to connect us all no matter where we might be located. It carries the essence of our egregore and provides us with a way to connect with one another on a spiritual level.  Perhaps you have a draw to water as your primary element. Perhaps you work with water spirits, deities, or a sacred spring and want to do something for the greater good. Healing the waters heals the world so it is simple work that will have an impact. 

 Who can be a Water Bearer of Triskele Rose

  • Any graduate or initiate of Rambling Rose may take vows as an Water Bearer

 What is a Water Bearers Mission?

  • The mission of a Triskele Rose Water Bearer is to maintain the sacred waters of the Tradition to keep them connected to the egregore of the Tradition and to provide support in maintaining the sites of sacred water sources.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Triskele Rose Water Bearer?

The duties and responsibilities of a Triskele Rose Water Bearer are:

  •   Help to maintain the site of a sacred water source by either physically cleaning it or by donating funds to assist in its maintenance regularly.
  •  To choose an environmental cause which is watery in nature.  This could be financially supporting a group that protects the ocean, or another marine or freshwater biome, and its creatures, or actively participating in protests or online activism for your chosen environment.
  •  To send water from your sacred source to the other Triskele Rose Water bearer’s twice a yeas.
  • To use your sacred water in offerings to deities, guides, sprits and magical workings
  • To anoint yourself with Triskele Rose sacred water often so as to connect you to your fellow member of the Tradition and its egregore
  • To use the sacred water in workings on behalf of members of your tradition or for tradition specific energy work
  • To commit to a cause that is water based, this may be activism, healing rituals, beach cleaning etc
  • Monthly water rituals, monthly visits to the sacred source, cleaning anything that needs to be cleaned, giving magic water, sending reiki to the water source or healing waters or both. Drawing sigils around the source in the sand, leaving offerings, getting waters from sacred sources and adding them to non-sacred sources like polluted parts of the ocean, lakes rivers etc
  • To report the activities of the Water Bearer back to the Tradition every 3 months so the website can be updated with your projects, activities, and activism.  
  •  To take sacred vows through ritual dedicating to the water and the cause

In the name of the Goddess
whose delicate hand can raise the sea to a raging surf
Whose brilliant eyes can see the truth in all that is
Whose source of strength can match that of a thousand ships
I call thee forth to turn the tides of this negative tempest
To protect and heal the dolphins, and to send back the evil experienced there
Come O'Great Mother and hear the petition of the faithful

~by Petra Rose~